Thursday, December 10, 2015

Winter Weather

While we are in a warm spell, remember that winter officially begins December 21st and lasts until March 19th. During these three months Richmond residents are often faced with times of severe cold which can be accompanied by winter storms that bring snow and ice. Winter Storms are often problematic because they often result in loss of power and communication, and can immobilize an entire region. It is important to be prepared to handle periods of severe cold, snow, and ice. During winter weather events consider minimizing travel on roads as most injuries and deaths are considered secondary and are usually the result of accident or injury. Take measure to prepare both at home and on the road. Consider keeping warm clothes and blankets in your vehicle and ensure your snow shovels are readily accessible in your home.

Watch this video for tips on safe winter driving
Check out this brochure for more Winter Weather Tips 
For current forecast information visit the National Weather Service

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