Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hurricane Preparedness Day 3 - Wind

Wind damage can result from a variety of significant weather events not just hurricanes.  Strong winds are a characteristic of tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and nor’easters making wind damage a year round risk for the Richmond area.  During a storm that has the potential for strong winds it is important to remember how to stay safe:
  •  If  indoors, move away from windows and go to the your buildings lowest level
  •  If outdoors, seek shelter immediately
  • If in a mobile home, leave and take shelter in a sturdier building
  • If driving, pull of the road away from trees and utility poles which have the potential to fall

Also, don’t attempt to move downed power lines and report them to the power company.  Take precaution removing any downed trees from your property and seek professional assistance if able.  Check out this video from the National Hurricane Center to learn more about wind damage:

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